The Decimi Family is united by a shared passion for the art of quality olive oil.

In their family business, they consider themselves not only olive growers and oil millers, but also custodians of a centuries-old tradition, ready to marry it with modern innovations. Over time, what was born almost for fun took shape in the oils of the Decimi family, gradually receiving increasingly prestigious recognition, confirming the importance of what they were creating. The values of Respect, Quality, Protection and Authenticity continue to guide every drop produced, forming the foundation of their “holistic” vision of the product.

This perspective aims to convey not just a flavor, but a tangible emotion for the body and mind of those who let themselves be enveloped by their oils. The essence of Decimi Oil lies in the land, in the olive groves and in the olives themselves. The family is committed to the environment around them with dedication, respecting the green heart of Umbria, and the source of every drop of their oil. This harmonious fusion between land, man and technology gives rise to a prestigious selection, an authentic reflection of the fruits that ripen in their olive groves.