However, we do not want to stop at the organoleptic characteristics of this long-life elixir, celebrated even by Pliny the Elder (23 A.D.) we wish to go further… offering the consumers all over the world, the essence of what lies inside a bottle produced by the Courageous Millers that is their soul, their passion, their indomitable spirit of research.

These are their beliefs:


They make 100% of their production ONLY with high quality extra virgin olive oil.


They own their mill, collecting, crushing and bottling independently.


The miller is also the owner of the farm together with his family.


They love and protect their lands.


They make environmental sustainability a reason for living.


They value native cultivars and at the same time they experiment with new ones.


They personally promote the culture of high-quality extra virgin olive oil.


They filter their oil immediately after production.


They respect traditions and, at the same time, they are always ready for innovation by constantly investing in sustainable technology.


They share experiences with other courageous oil millers from all over the world, in order to improve the quality of the entire international olive oil chain.


They inspire and support the young oil millers from other companies to grow.