"I immediately wanted to make a quality oil, we revolutionized the harvesting method, pruning, harvesting time, extraction method, a seemingly simple path... but long."

In 2010, Giorgio decided to leave his military career to dedicate himself to the production of extra virgin olive oil. He contacts Giorgio Mori of Oliomio and after a handshake the adventure begins. The objective was clear right from the start: to produce a quality oil in a Campania province without PGI and DOP. The road would not have been easy but sacrifice and passion rewarded Giorgio’s will, with a very high quality extra virgin olive oil.

“I remember well the first year of the revolution, 2011 we started harvesting on October 12th and finished on November 15th and the others started on November 10th and everyone was laughing at us… now when the nets are brought out they are all in the fields to harvest. That what immediately gave us results was the extraction method, going from a sweet and unfiltered oil to a bitter, spicy, persistent, green and filtered oil was one of the most beautiful experiences of this journey on which Patrizia accompanies me, more passionate than me, life partner.”