Frantoio Franci was born in the 1950s on the hill of Montenero d'Orcia in Tuscany, when the brothers Franco and Fernando Franci purchased a historic olive grove called Villa Magra.

The year 1995 represents an important stage in the history of the company, in fact the collaboration began between Fernando and his son Giorgio who, to his father’s experience, added a new charge of enthusiasm and resourcefulness. It immediately became clear to Giorgio that focusing on quality was the only way to do justice to this precious land, so not only the concept of quality but also of selection, interpretation and terroir made their way into the oil mill.

All Frantoio Franci labels have a matrix and a well-defined quality standard for organoleptic characteristics and chemical parameters, which guarantee the consumer qualitative continuity from year to year: oils that do not reach the objectives are downgraded. Only the best of the production is bottled.