The production of the Antico Frantoio Bonamini is deeply rooted in the Val d'Illasi, the highest part of the Verona hills, cradle of two cultivars cared for and worked with love by Giancarlo and his wife Sabrina: Grignano and Favarol.

And it is in these lands and in the ancient family oil mill that Giancarlo spent his childhood among the olive trees and his passion for oil and his commitment to the continuous search for excellence was born and grew.
Bonamini extra virgin olive oil is an oil that embodies the traditional heritage of a family dedicated, for more than fifty years, to the production of “green gold”. It is the story of a family that preserves the manufacturing techniques of the past combined with current technologies. There have been more than fifty years of continuous challenges always aimed at improvement, but without ever compromising the excellent quality of their product.