Antonella Titone became a courageous oil mill worker out of love, out of love for her father.

Antonella Titone He was a pharmacist when he was faced with the choice of whether to continue his personal path or support his father by taking over the reins of the company. Well, the heart chose the family, she chose respect for history, for the territory. We believe that producing quality oil is in itself an altruistic choice, even more so for Antonella who decided to change her path by choosing a difficult path, and anyone who puts their hands in the earth knows what we are talking about. The company is located in Sicily in one of the areas devoted to oil production, the Trapanesi Valleys.

Here the Titone family produces an exceptional DOP organic extra virgin olive oil, an oil that speaks of sun, of thousand-year-old perfumes, a monument to Nocellara del Belice which has obtained recognition all over the world. The thing that struck us is the phrase found at the entrance to the Titone oil mill which seems to summarize Antonella’s story: “let food be your medicine and medicine be your food. Hippocrates”